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it’s true… EVERYTHING is better with bacon!!

So as promised, what better way to celebrate ‘International Bacon Day’ than a great tasty appetizer to have before dinner tonight… I whipped up my uber-famous bacon wrapped dates! Stuffed with blue cheese and tightly wrapped with a slice of thick cut applewood smoked bacon and we were in business. Into the pre-heated oven for about twenty-five minutes and out came perfectly cooked dates! To finish these gorgeous little packages… a drizzle of good maple syrup to drive the whole story home. Oozy blue cheese, crisp salty bacon and sweet dates were perfectly paired with a crisp bottle of Albariño…
Unfortunately I couldn’t leave well enough alone… it is a special day today and I needed to pay further homage to this luxurious sliver of porky goodness! As I looked around my kitchen, out popped beautiful white-fleshed nectarines. So I thought what the hell, and tightly wrapped these bad boys with some bacon and tossed them into the oven. Cooked until the bacon was crisp and the fruit slightly softened [but still retaining its shape] and it was time to chomp down. Sweet and salty… crisp, warm and just soft enough to practically melt in our mouths!
Hmmmm why isn’t there a bacon holiday once a month???

And don’t forget to send me an e-mail at kitchenguru77@gmail.com with your bacon photos and/or a brief description of why YOU love bacon!!

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a celebration for B-A-C-O-N

In honor of one of my favorite proteins… let’s celebrate everything bacon in observance of ‘International Bacon Day’
As most of you have read, when possible I will find a way to incorporate the flavor and yumminess that is bacon in my dishes. So I thought it would be fun to ask you all to e-mail me a brief paragraph and possibly a picture of YOUR favorite way of using bacon. It could be as simple as an add on to an existing dish or a delish way of using bacon as the star in your favorite dish. For example tonight, I am going to make one of my favorite bacon appetizers, ‘bacon wrapped dates’ this dish is so simple to make and explodes with flavor in your mouth with every bite full. Simply cut open dried dates, remove the pit, fill the cavity with your choice of blue cheese and then wrap that beauty with a strip of bacon and use a tooth pick to secure it.
After a bit of a chill in the fridge, you can either deep fry each package or simply put them in the oven to crisp up. Talk about rich and flavorful… you can’t eat just one!
Hope to see a few emails in my inbox by end of the week, so I can share some of the top picks with you all….. So get your BACON on and start cook’in!

Email me at: kitchenguru77@gmail.com

Catch you later with my ‘date’… dish that is!

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lunchin’ it up

This afternoon was perfect for lunching it and getting some much needed shopping done!
A bottle of white wine, some fantastic starter tapas and great Cuban grub and we were in business…
To start bacon wrapped dates, mini cuban sandwiches, as well as sweet plantain fritters. Each were individually delightful and enough for two people to share, or one VERY hungry individual…
As for mains, ropa vieja [this time served as a shredded chicken dish with fluffy white rice, super sweet plantains and a side of black beans. Also a cuban sandwich [couldn’t get enough of the minis] served abundantly with crispy plantain chips!
After all that delicious food, drink and chatting, I don’t know how we made it to shopping, but we did…

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dining out, big city style…

Tonight my itch for a night out in good old NYC got the best of me! After great debate, I decided on trying August on Bleecker St. I had read about this restaurant on numerous occasions and their amazing mac & cheese, and rueben sandwich. The evening started with being seated in a very relaxing room with a outdoor decor feel, that’s unfortunately were the evening immediately took a bad turn. Our waitress arrived with a semi-forced smile and wanted our drink order even before I could get my jacket off my back. I ordered my trusty and what I consider fool-proof favorite drink, an old fashioned which arrived poorly made and with tons of granulated sugar that did not disolve properly. Strike one, but I was determined to make a go of it so I made do. Upon having my order taken I asked for the mac & cheese to only be told there was non tonight. Hmmmm, that was odd since the website says “available every evening after 5:30” and the reuben is only available during lunch… REALLY??? Strike two! So I ordered the tarte flambé, it arrived on a crispy flat dough and had very good flavor. Maybe there was hope for this dinner after all! I decided to try another appetizer dish, the margherita pizza, this arrived on the same crispy dough, but lacked serious flavor and the sauce was way to raw and acidic. Our server asked if we planned to order dinner, which I has already determined was not going to happen. When I said we would only like the check she cleared the table and walked away with out a word… Strike three! The check couldn’t have come quick enough!
Still hungry and unsatisfied, I made my way quickly to one of my tried and true favorites Centro Vinoteca, this small gem of a restaurant never fails to fill my belly with delicious dishes and yummy drinks. I ordered three appetizers: medjool dates stuffed with gorgonzola and wrapped in bacon, eggplant caponata and the appetizer special, a gargantuan stuffed artichoke. All the dishes were savored and enjoyed, washed down with the perfectly made old fashioned and best of all made to feel welcome from the moment I arrived till I waved goodbye and said “see you all soon”. A disastrous evening diverted!
Looking forward to my next trip to Centro!

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