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light and filling…

As summer starts to dig its heels into long hot days, I thought a light dinner was in order. A simple, delicious mix of fresh multi-grain bread that I toasted was decorated with slivers of creamy avocado, sharp cheddar, sliced chicken breast, ripe red tomatoes and a touch of mayo. It may sound simplistic, but every last bite was filled with flavors that screamed summer is hear to stay… And you know what, I’m ok with that.

at a low simmer…


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rollin’ with the flavor… AGAIN!

Tonight’s dinner was a fun favorite that usually is ordered as part of take-out Chinese, but this evenings nosh was served up from scratch.
The all mighty egg-roll, the perfect mix of hearty veggies and chicken encased in a crunchy shell.
The ingredients were simple… red onion, red pepper, celery, garlic and ginger, shredded carrots and savoy cabbage, chunks of seasoned chicken and creamy sliced avocado.
After a quick sauté of the red onion, celery and red pepper, I tossed in the ginger and garlic until incorporated, then cooked the chicken alongside everything! Once cooked, I mixed in soy sauce and sesame oil to taste…
Once this fragrant combo was done, they were sealed up snuggly in egg-roll wrappers… One little bit of advice, don’t over stuff the egg-roll, otherwise you will have cracks and it won’t hold together when frying.
After a quick fry just to get that beautiful golden outside and it was time to eat!

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a cucumber… has MANY uses!!

With all this fresh produce around my house, I decided to use the cucumbers tonight and make up a wonderfully light sandwich. These sandwiches are no stranger in our household, and some have scoffed at the ingredients [just remember, that not everything needs to be fried to taste delicious]…
All that is needed to create this delightful sandwich is a hearty, multi-grain bread [preferably a loaf that is dense], sprouts or shoots, avocado, cucumber and a cheese [or even two] of your liking…
Toast the bread, spread a light mayonnaise on the slices, fresh black pepper and start building… if you want you can definitely add sliced tomatoes and even some crispy bacon [but that is your own decision]…
The sandwich is creamy, crunchy and has plenty of wow to it… I’m not saying it’s better than a greasy burger, but when you are in the mood for something healthy and a bit different give this one a whirl, I’m certain you will make it again [heck possibly that same night]…

at a low simmer…


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hearty and healthy!!

Sitting out on my patio listening to my wind chimes, I was interrupted by my stomach growling for nourishment.
What should I chow down on this sunny and warm day? Then it came to me… lightly toasted pumpernickel bread with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese, sliced cucumbers, long slivers of avocado, and for added crunch and texture… mixed slaw veggies. All these gems are added to the lightly toasted bread with just a schmeer of light doctored-up mayo or any other spread. This combination is hearty and filling… Now lets start up that margaritaville machine!

at a low simmer…


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rolling with the ‘flava’…

After a long day of prepping our yard for the upcoming summer season it was decision time for dinner. It was actually tougher than expected! We decided on the city, but quickly changed our minds since the rumbles in our belly would not wait until 8:30 on this warm and romantic night.
Light and flavorful was what we yearned for, and what better choice then sushi! A few selections from the vast menu and we were off… Crispy lobster rolls, crabmeat and avocado rolls, you name it… we tried it [and enjoyed them]!

at a low simmer…

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