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refreshing dinner on a hot day…

With this oppressive heatwave still upon us, there was no way I was turning on the range or even the grill for that matter! Instead I thought it best to make some fresh pesto and have a refreshing sandwich night full of yummy things.
After making the pesto, it was time to assemble these pockets of delight… A healthy spread of the pesto adorned the lightly toasted ciabatta, followed by some spicy arugula, slices of fresh mozz and of course some phenomenal prosciutto di parma!
With the lid closing down snuggly and making this vessel ready for the feeding, there was not much more to do than succumb to it’s will…
A slight bite from the arugula, saltiness from the prosciutto, creamy from the fresh mozz and just an overall freshness from the pesto made this sandwich the perfect compliment to an über hot July evening!

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dinner wasn’t the only thing stuffed!

So tonight, I decided to cook up a pork loin stuffed with prosciutto, provolone and arugula…
After a quick fill and roll, a bondage-like trussing of twine finished off the prep-work for this lovely porky goodness!
A drizzle of good quality olive oil for some tanning encouragement, as well as a substantial splash of white wine and it was into the oven for a good bake…
The scents of the pork, as well as the stuffing wafted through the house and made the process of waiting even that more difficult! The end result though… well that was nothing short of delicious.

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pretty in pink…

As a precursor to a delicious meal, I decided to make a nice, delicate little appetizer to enjoy…
I gently sliced pink pearl apples, which are sweet and slightly tart. They have a gorgeous vibrant pink flesh and are available sparingly in one of my favorite gourmet markets for a very brief timeframe so I had to get my hands on some!!
These slices of beauty were layered on a grilled slice of sourdough bread, followed by some applewood smoked bacon, arugula and topped with extra sharp cheddar. Under the broiler for just a moment until melted and bubbly and it was time to slice into and devour!
Salty, crunchy, tart and sweet… a perfect combination in a perfect bite!!

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just love rubbing my meat…

The rain held off… just until it was time to throw some beautiful ribeyes on the grill!! I rubbed my beautiful ribeyes with a spectacular homemade dry rub and let them soak everything in overnight. The rub is one that I absolutely adore… super simple, but packed with flavor! The rub is made from brown sugar, salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper [you can elevate the spice level to your liking]. Cooked over a super hot grill for ten minutes [turning once and depending on thickness] and a quick rest… As a side, a light arugula salad mixed with sliced olives, garbanzo beans and oranges.
These juicy steaks were sweet yet spicy, had beautiful grill marks and a perfect crustiness! I could grill all the time…

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finger food!

After a craving for an appetizer that we had a few weeks ago, I decided that lamb chops would be a perfect romantic meal for two. Seasoned only with salt, these little guys were gently seared on the grill for about three minutes on each side. The outcome… beautiful grill marks and a perfect medium rare! As a dipping sauce, I prepped a whole grain mustard and rosemary blend with a little garlic, olive oil and salt.
Topped on a bed of spicy baby arugula with a drizzle of a deep finishing oil and it was time to dig in!
Meaty, fatty and just plain intoxicating with the mustard as a perfect compliment to cut through it all, yet pull everything together. Who are they kidding…eight is definitely NOT enough…

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Closing time…

Another outrageous evening for dinner! We closed that joint down… LITERALLY! Time really does fly when you are chatting away and enjoying yourself.
As an appetizer, we did a family-style setup. Fried calamari tossed in a balsamic glaze [AMAZING], sautéed shrimp in a spicy lemon butter sauce, as well as a hearty vibrant arugula salad with pears, Parmesan shavings and candied pecans! All delicious and different in their own special ways.
As mains; a spicy chicken arabiata with hot peppers in their vinegary goodness, grilled flank steak topped with shrimp, grilled sea bass and an always classic chicken marsala! Everything was delicious as our table went quiet as we savored each luscious bite…
For dessert… we all shared a peanut butter tartufo. One word… DIVINE! Silky and smooth, creamy and a slight bit salty. I need another right about now! Well maybe I can try and make one soon… hmmmm

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no boring chicken dinner here!!

Garlic, wine and herb marinated chicken… yep that was dinner! Sided by spicy, baby arugula tossed lightly with a salty Greek feta and sweet grape tomatoes.
The chicken was thrown on the grill and cooked tenderly. The scent of the marinade wafted through the air and made me excited to dig in to this Friday night splendor!!
Crunchy from the salad, while soft and juicy from the chicken… this dish rocked it all out. Better than going out to a restaurant!

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not from your corner deli…

So tonight’s blockbuster wasn’t a movie, but rather an Italian sub sandwich! Filled with a wonderful sopressata, pistachio filled mortadella and sharp provolone! To add my little thumbprint, I included some fresh, peppery baby arugula and of course applewood smoked bacon [bacon is invited to every party I create] for a little fatty kick. A crisp ciabatta roll gently hugged all of the meaty goodness and oozy cheese into their places. As a side a wonderful, creamy pasta salad that was chock full of thinly grated carrot and diced celery and pepper. Lightly dressed with some mayonnaise, salt and a hint of crushed red pepper and dinner was served.
With all of this delicious food, some serious workouts are going to remain an indefinite necessity…

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Love me some leftovers!

So tonight I decided to poke around in my freezer and see what I had made and frozen recently. Jackpot, I remembered the meatballs I had recently made. Meatball parm heroes was the obvious choice [and an easy one at that] with a salad made up of spicy baby arugula, sliced honeycrisp apples and shaved parmigiano.
I toasted some ciabatta rolls, and gently placed the balls’, as well as some of my delectable homemade sauce on top. Into the oven everything went, while a thin slice of fresh mozzarella covering each ball’ began to melt and drape down the sides.
The arugula salad was a breeze! Arugula, thinly sliced apple and shaved parmigiano. Tossed with a fresh creamy balsamic dressing and it was to the table…
The ciabatta was crispy and delicate, but sturdy enough to support the light, flavorful balls’ and the sauce. The fresh mozzarella offered a perfect saltiness. I wish I could go back for more…

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light dinner fare…

Tonight I felt like a lighter meal and thought since there was some skirt steak leftover, what better way to use it… a big hearty salad!
I am a lover of bitter greens [radicchio, endive and arugula] in my salads because I feel they offer more in the way of flavor than just plain old iceberg or romaine, but tonight romaine was on the plate tossed with blue cheese dressing, diced tomatoes, diced roasted peppers, some chopped fresh mozz and sliced red onion. On top of this salad, sliced leftover skirt steak!
The salad was crunchy, tangy and creamy, sweet from the roasted peppers and tomatoes, and slightly zippy from the red onions.
Love the idea of a filling delicious meal that is terribly easy to prepare, but can taste like restaurant quality!

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