a pre-Fall feast…

Today was a cooler day… almost preparing us for the arrival of fall this coming Saturday!
What better to do than prepare a comforting dish for dinner that would satiate both the stomach and palate.
Chicken sautéed in a mascarpone marsala cream sauce… chunks of chicken breast, diced onion, sliced mushrooms, garlic, marsala wine and mascarpone were some of the delightful supporting actors in this simple, yet satisfying meal!
The sauce was creamy and almost sweet, while the mushrooms offered an earthiness and the chicken, a wholesome and warming element!
Hmmmm… I think Fall meals are in full effect…

at a low simmer…












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9 thoughts on “a pre-Fall feast…

  1. This one so reminds me of German cooking…sigh. I miss that. (Btw, I am busily copying your recipes into my recipe folder…)

    • Please share which German dishes this reminds you of. I am very curious and who knows perhaps one day I’ll be able to make.

      • the winegetter says:

        Ha, I mean, this is how my grandma would cook for us: a brown sauce with cream, mushrooms and meat (chicken or the obligatory pork) – we refer to the sauce as “hunter sauce”; this is a very emotional dish for me. Although, by convention, chicken would usually be cooked in a white sauce with vegetables (including mushrooms, but also peas, carrots, asparagus).

        Nina fell in love with these cream-based sauces in Germany, for her preferably over schnitzel…:)

      • That is just a fantastic story! I always love how foods, desserts and even drinks can, in some capacity, bring us on a trip down memory lane…
        The name ‘hunter sauce’ is very intriguing and would love to hear more about this and how it came about if you ever feel up to sharing 🙂
        Have a fantastic Saturday!

      • Ok so very interesting story really quick… goes back to the ‘hunters sauce’ again… after my earlier reply, I spoke with my mother and mentioned this sauce and she knew of it! She recalls vaguely her grandmother and this sauce coming to mind. Couldn’t recall what meat was used, but thought something with… dare I say [some are very unnerved about it] rabbit? She wasn’t certain though, but had known of the sauce and I jus had to write back again and share this with you!

      • the winegetter says:

        That is so awesome! I am glad that she had memories of it, too.

        I believe there is a slight mixing up of dishes, though. Tuscans love coniglio alla cacciatore (rabbit hunter style), which is a rabbit stew in a tomato based sauce. It is delicious!!

        When Germans refer to hunter style, they usually refer to the sauce you used. It is mostly known in the combination with pork schnitzel (called Jägerschnitzel, or hunter schnitzel). I am pretty certain it refers to the fact that mushrooms are in the sauce, and mushrooms can be found in forests, and German hunters hunt in forests. So, I guess the connection is: hunting-forest-mushroom.

        There exist other sauces that give dishes interesting names, for example “gypsy schnitzel”, which is not a schnitzel made of gypsies (haha), but rather a schnitzel with a brown sauce with red bell pepper strips in it. “Gypsies”, a term I am not fond of because it is derogatory, was a word to describe Hungarians in the German language, and Hungarians are known throughout Europe for their love of red and hot peppers…

      • Wow! That’s very interesting about the differences in the dishes and styles based on the regions. My grandfather was Italian so I’m certain that is the reasoning behind the rabbit being a component from what she recalled being ‘hunter sauce’ 🙂
        My fathers side is actually part German [found this out not too long ago], as well as English and a few other nationalities. I should ask him if he ever heard of this!
        I have always wanted to make Schnitzel! Have seen recipes before, as well as some cooking shows on it. Perhaps I’ll whip that up sometime soon. Maybe would be a nice Sunday meal? I’d love some good German wine suggestions if you think you’d be able to share 🙂 Do you think Gewürztraminer could work or would it be too sweet?
        Yeah I definitely see Schnitzel on the dinner menu soon… I have to seek out a traditional, or as close to traditional recipe as possible.
        Hope your Saturday is treating you well!

      • the winegetter says:

        Saturday is treating me well, just too much time spent online…and Michigan won in a landslide, what else could one want? 🙂

        A classic wine to drink with schnitzel and any cream type sauce would be Grüner Veltliner, the Austrian fresh and crisp white wine. Otherwise I would try it with a drier German riesling (but beware the acidity), so maybe a silvaner could be a good choice.

        Gewürztraminer would probably be overwhelmed by cream and all the wonderful nuances would get lost…cannot wait for your recipe!

      • Excellent! Thanks for those suggestions!! I will definitely keep an eye out for them at the wine shop.
        Glad to hear you’re enjoying the day. Been quite a full one here… finished Halloween decorating outside and am completely exhausted. Thinking takeout may be a good choice for dinner, or perhaps this bottle of sauv blanc will do the trick…
        Have to walk around later on and check everything, and of course sneak in a few photos…

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