a cozy day after!!

So following the day after one of the best weddings I’ve ever attended, I haven’t done much other than drag myself around the house… A large pot of sauce was whipped up as a stomach craving called for it! To sop up this gorgeous sauce was a fantastic loaf of semolina [literally the entire loaf]… then it was back onto the sofa to watch some bad movies and debate on what would be ordered for dinner [that’s how I roll after a night of drinking… FOOD FOOD FOOD]!!
So a quick call, about an hour ago, to the best Chinese restaurant in the area was the perfect decision. A bevy of items were ordered… dumplings, fried rice, boneless spareribs, egg rolls, super spicy sesame chicken and chicken with broccoli would put a dent in the hunger, but unfortunately not enough for leftovers at the later crave that always comes about… why do I see a fat pb&j in the future later [and an hour on the treadmill tomorrow morning]??

at a low simmer…

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