a [tasty] freebie friday treat…

Today was a great day! Hot and humid, but great none-the-less… So to shake the heat, I decided to go to my favorite Starbucks that I always visit for a ‘Refreshers’ drink special they were offering free for a limited window of time. I actually am no stranger to these fantastic drinks, but rather have been grabbing one everyday for at least a week or so. My favorite is the ‘Very Berry Hibiscus’… there are floral notes to this fantastic drink and has crushed/whole blackberries throughout that give this drink that perfect tanginess. I will not lie, but I actually opted to purchase the largest available drink because it is just that good! I decided I could just go back a bit later and take advantage of the freebie… and that is just what I did. The second time around, I opted to venture out of my comfort zone and try the ‘Cool Lime’ which has a minty hint, with a soothing lime flavor. Honestly I will stick with my ‘very berry’ version going forward as I wasn’t a huge fan of the lime offering… These smart little beverages are made with a ‘green coffee extract’ which I had never heard of until getting these drinks! Shockingly there is not a single note of coffee flavor in these drinks. If you’re not a coffee lover because of the flavors, I implore you to try these drinks out and guarantee you will not be disappointed!

at a low simmer…
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