sausage and peppers… Oh my!

Tonight I decided that I could go for a really good sandwich stuffed fully with sausage and peppers! Like the kind you got growing up as a child on the boardwalks or even those from the local carnival or fairs when they blew into town. Those greasy, yummy sausages overloaded with peppers and onions on a gorgeous long hoagie roll! So no time was wasted in prepping up everything to create just what my tummy craved…
I sliced vibrant red peppers, chopped up some onions and sautéed sautéed sautéed… then I tossed some juicy fat Italian sausages right onto the grill to get a nice smokey flavor and threw them in with the peppers and onions to marry all the flavors. This was one marriage destined for greatness!
I piled everything a beautiful long Italian roll and shoved that badass sandwich into my mouth. Juicy, sweet and zesty! If I had a big enough stomach, there would have been seconds had…

at a low simmer…





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