the only kind of disco I can get into…

Ever have a craving for that deliciously decadent and not so good for your waistline type of food? Well that is EXACTLY how I am feeling right about now! The craving for disco fries [ok ok won’t lie, I always get a double order] hit me hard just a short while ago… crunchy, greasy fries topped with extra mozzarella cheese that I have broiled to get bubbly and slightly burnt.

When I order my disco fries, the brown gravy is served on the side and not over everything in order to keep everything crisp and not soggy! Soggy fries would NOT be a good thing in this dish, plus I get to determine how much of a dunk each fry is offered… this is also not the time to think about calories, but rather to flag down a waitress and ask for extra napkins! A fork and knife is not invited to this party, but an eager belly is…

There may be a trip to the local diner to pick up these bad-boys before the end of the night.


at a low simmer…


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