how do you spell decadence… R I S O T T O

Sometimes you need a bit of luxury in more than just your life… so tonight that is just what I did with dinner!
I took my regular risotto and elevated it to something spectacular. Tonight was my first try at lobster risotto! This dish is not very different than my usual risotto, just the addition of lobster meat makes it a bit sweeter and much sexier.
I started by sautéing onions in some butter, then coating the arborio with the butter and onions. Next, I added some white wine, stirred the arborio and reduced. Then it was time to start with some serious elbow grease… ladles of warmed chicken stock, stirring, more stock and more stirring! All of this consistent stirring creates a creaminess, while the stock adds the flavor and cooks everything through.
Once the risotto is done, I add in a good helping of pecorino romano for some tanginess and then last, but not least the chopped lobster meat is gently incorporated…
Topped off with some extra lobster meat and dinner was served! I could eat this all the time…

at a low simmer…











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