my shrimp… my RULES!!

Needed something super-luxurious for dinner tonight. So I thought what would be an amazing, restaurant-style dish I could prepare… Then it hit me, grilled shrimp with a super sexy, spicy red pepper aioli dipping sauce!
For the shrimp, easy enough… salt, olive oil and crushed red pepper. The aioli… well that’s another story! Whirled in the food processor was roasted red pepper, asian chili paste, red wine vinegar, garlic, egg yolks, salt and to bring it all together some canola oil! This dressing is thick, velvety and packs some serious flavor and heat…
I tossed the shrimp onto the grill plate and cooked till perfectly done [no rubbery shrimps here!]. Once ready to eat, they were served up alongside the aioli, which presented a smokey and spicy flavor. Here’s a great alternative to boring shrimp cocktail! Dip, dip, away!!

***As a side note, this aioli is a wonderful dip for crisp greens, as well as for tossing crispy oven roasted potatoes or even tempura battered shrimp or onion!

at a low simmer…











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