adult slurpies…

Another gorgeous weekend is upon us… temps in the 80’s and feels like summer! What better way to enjoy it than by the pool getting some sun noshing on kettle chips and slurping down fresh mango-ladas! Yep I get bored with the same old story when it comes to drinks, so I thought how can I make things interesting and give my own thumbprint to it…
A quick run to the market and back home with fresh mangos, juice, creme de coco, and of course the star… RUM!
After measuring out everything [yeah ok who are we kidding], tossing in some sliced mangos and ice cubes, a quick whirl in the machine and a gorgeous light orangey concoction quickly made its way from glass to straw to belly…
Ahhhhhh I love pre-summer days…

at a low simmer…


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