spicy… just like me!

Tonight was a throw things together kinda night… so some onions, yukon gold potatoes, hot cherry peppers [of course in their tangy, yummy, vinegary juices], chicken sausage and chicken breast made one hell of a meal!
Started by sautéing an onion and diced potatoes with crushed red pepper, then I added the sausage and cooked till a bit browned, next the chicken and a bit of wine to help make everyone smile! A few guzzles of chicken stock and a stir we were in business! I put a lid on it and after simmering for a bit, added the cherry peppers and some juice for extra heat and flavor! The final dish was tangy, vinegary and spicy, and completely delicious…
If I wasn’t trying to curb the amount of carbs we are intaking, some crusty bread for sopping would have been VERY welcomed! Maybe next time…

at a low simmer…









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2 thoughts on “spicy… just like me!

  1. meyli_c says:

    yum! will try to cook this soon – so simple!

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