it’s not easy being cheesy!

I’ve been craving a great slice of pizza for quite sometime now… as much as I enjoy preparing my own dough and throwing together more exotic elements compared to your average pizzeria, today did not afford me the time to do that. For tonight though, I want something comforting, relaxing and homey! The idea of selecting a place to venture out to feels almost too much of a chore this evening. Just want to open a great bottle of wine, have some cheese with sliced fruit and prosciutto and call it dinner [and that is just what I will do]!

I am a sucker for wine and cheese… years of taking courses like these really expanded my palate to the luxuries that can be experienced… from cheeses that are pungent and funky, to creamy and mild the list of varieties goes on and on. The same goes for wine. You don’t have to break the bank to experience a mind-blowing bottle! Some wine shops offer tastings of the wines, and I highly recommend taking the time to try some out! You may find that perfect bottle for a romantic dinner for two, one that can go along with friends to a bring your own bottle restaurant, etc… A tasting can also be a great way to learn a little bit about a variety you’ve always been curious, but were afraid to ask about…

So being a lover of Sauvignon Blanc myself, pairing with a tangy and sultry cheese seems like the only way to go tonight. I have a great triple creme that I just picked up, gorgeous ripe pears, lovely figs, salty, paper-thin prosciutto and some wonderful bread that I can toast for my cheese to be spread, and all my layers to be built on. The cheese has a slightly pungent essence on the outside, while the inside is earthy and mushroomy. For the pears, I will drizzle a reduced balsamic vinegar across and the wine… crisp and fruity to compliment the plate!

at a low simmer…


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