no rubbin’ my meat tonight… just a great marinade!

A marinated flank steak and sautéed broccoli rabe… it’s what was for dinner!
The flank was marinated in an Asian marinade [soy, olive oil, scallions, crushed red pepper and some delightfully delicious flavor secrets]. Tossed on the grill for roughly ten minutes and perfectly done. Juicy, tender and moist! Pink and cool in the center and dripping with flavor.
For the broccoli rabe… olive oil, garlic and salt. Since we all know that broccoli rabe can be bitter [just like me], plenty of kosher salt was added to both the boiling water and shocking liquid situation to take out some of the bitterness. Once cooled, the vibrant green was sautéed with some olive oil, lots of chopped garlic and some crushed red pepper…
The meatiness of the flank contrasting the garlicky and oily delight of the broccoli rabe were a match made in… the kitchen!

at a low simmer…








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