some meat on your bones, or at least a skewer!!

After contemplating what to make for dinner, I decided on grilling some kabobs. Steak with red onion, and the other yellow squash with baby portobello mushrooms. After prepping a delicious marinade of minced garlic and rosemary, olive oil, red pepper, fresh squeezed lemon juice and salt I tossed everything together to coat. A few hours later it was time to skewer those bad boys! And as luck would have it… a lovely and unexpected rain storm decided to pass through… thanks a lot mother nature! Well thank goodness for having an indoor grill to use.
Skewer upon skewer, I placed them lovingly on the hot grill and cooked everything just right. The flavors were bursting and made me feel like it was a summer night dining out under the stars around the pool against candlelight… that reality, however, is only a few more weeks away!!!

at a low simmer…




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