a curly-tailed birthday…

So for the past ten years basically [between the two of them], there is always that determination of what to make as a birthday cake… will it be another fire hydrant? or the infamous bone shaped cake? well this year was going to be a bone… AGAIN! Then the decision was made to try our hands at something a bit more memorable and challenging… After browsing the Internet for cake inspiration, one popped out and the decision was literally right in front of us [well at least on a 20inch Mac screen]…
The challenge was on! The batter was prepped [traditional vanilla and homemade so we knew exactly what was going into it] and the cake baked off. Once cooked, it was set to cool completely and then the fun began. First a quick icing of buttercream, then white fondant was rolled out thin, topped over the cooled and iced cake, smoothed out and then set to the side. Next, a light brown tinted fondant for those trademark pug wrinkles and deepened eyes were cut out and gently placed in the respective sections, as well as the forehead. More white fondant was formed for the mouth crease. Then onto the eyes, nose, lips and ears… dark fondant was rolled out and then maneuvered into a the shape of each, and for the ears… well they received that signature ‘flop’ our little guys are known for… Two small white dots for pupils and the cake was finished!
Almost too pretty to eat, but then we can’t disappoint the birthday boy… but who is who??

at a low simmer…















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