This ain’t no ‘little black dress’…

So a dry rubbed skirt steak, sautéed haricot vert with garlic and a refreshing orange/blood orange salad tossed in olive oil with scallions were for dinner tonight…
The dry rub was easy… salt, brown sugar, cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper that I grind down. Rubbed all over my lengthy, sexy skirt steak [yes I am a LOVER] and left to get it together for a loooongg time! After a while, the skirt steak had a date with a hot grill and a few minutes later… well need I say more!
The haricot vert were simply tossed with garlic and olive oil, after being steamed slightly in my french skillet. Perfect crunch and a buttery flavor, but NO butter added here!
As for the orange salad… sweet, ripe oranges, blood oranges, olive oil and some sliced scallions are all you need… ok perhaps a dash of salt to balance this bad boy out! Tossed everything in a bowl and let it meld together. It’s a winner, and so was dinner!

at a low simmer…









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2 thoughts on “This ain’t no ‘little black dress’…

  1. Therese says:

    MmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmm Good ! Looks Yummy ! and so pretty! almost to pretty to eat 😉

    • It was so incredibly flavorful!! wish I had made more 🙂 Skirt steak is probably my favorite cut compared to a porterhouse. The only thing is they can go from juicy and tender, to shoe leather in a minute…

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