Wrap and roll!

After thumbing through my cookbooks this past weekend and a trip to Whole Foods that proved lacking on satisfying my craving for a hearty chicken salad… I decided to make an old favorite! Chicken salad with a curry mayonnaise dressing. All the ingredients, right in the pantry and a shortcut for the chicken this go-around, a cooked rotisserie chicken from the market.
I tore the meat from the bones, did a quick pass through with my knife and set it aside. For the dressing… mayo, salt, fresh ground pepper [I know I know I cringed too, but sometimes you just have to do it] a splash of champagne vinegar, curry powder, chutney, craisins, finely chopped celery and scallion. After a quick purée, I poured this silky concoction over the chicken and tossed away! This is one marriage [of flavors that is] that will NOT end in divorce…
I like to prep this dish early in the day so the chicken can soak up the flavors, or better yet the day before!
Served in a whole wheat wrap alongside a fresh, light salad and dinner was ready! Simple, easy and over-the-top delicious…

at a low simmer…


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