a savory meat pie!

Today I prepared a dish that I grew up having. It’s an Italian Easter pie! It’s a ‘meat’ pie full of different meats and cheeses. The filling is ricotta-based and absolutely incredible!
I started off by making the crust… flour, salt, shortening [the only place I would use this], eggs and ice cold water. Prepping the dough is a breeze because I quickly work it together in the food processor! Once combined, I form it into a disk and chill it in the fridge for a bit.
While the dough was chilling, I started on the filling. Ricotta cheese, grated pecorino romano, eggs, salt, minced parsley diced mozz, a variety of diced cured Italian meats! A quick mix in a large bowl and set aside.
Once chilled I halved the dough and rolled out one portion and placed it into a springform pan, poured in the filling, covered it over with the other half of dough, brushed with an egg wash and into the oven till golden and cooked through!
Salty and creamy with a wonderful toasty crunchy crust! Perfect for a Sunday dinner or a weekday lunch!

at a low simmer…














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