a visit to the local food co-op!

What a great start to the weekend… As promised, here’s an overview of the co-op that I ventured out to this rainy and raw Saturday morning. Upon walking inside, it reminded me almost of when I was younger visiting an indoor flea market, but instead of antiques and collectibles this was a selection of lovely, and in some cases exotic wares! My only disappointment was that I noticed there wasn’t any fresh produce available, however many other delights!!
I have to send thanks to Arek from ‘Zar & Co.’ for making me aware of this great gem! Met Arek at the indoor farmers market I visited. He offers wonderful products including spreads and hummus and also one of my faves Choreg, an Armenian delicacy.
One of the first tables that I checked out was from ‘The Red Ribbon Pretzel  Company’… today they had some marshmallow peeps [in the spirit of Easter], a milk and white chocolate blended crunch chock full of pretzels and nuts, in addition to dipped pretzel rods and whole pretzels. I opted to purchase the blended crunch and in a week will be able to try [gave chocolate up for lent].
Next table was some dessert treats provided by ‘Sweet Sally’s’… macaroons with a caramel sea salt topping, raspberry bars, flourless cookies and my personal favorites chocolate chip cookies! I picked up the macaroons [these are one of my favorites to make at home] and also the raspberry bars [absolutely incredible].
Onto a chili vendor I meandered… he offered a variety of chilis with different twists edging on the exotic! There were quite a few to try and all equally delicious with aThai-inspired and an Indian-inspired chili rocking out as my personal faves…
A few more tables to visit to make the rounds complete and the next to last was the gourmet cupcake vendor, ‘baked in a cup’. There were quite a few beautifully presented cupcakes displayed, but those that called my name were the s’more and red velvet! That will be dessert tonight…
The last table we had the pleasure of visiting was ‘Purple Spoon Catering’, and where we met Cynthia. I was enticed by the pulled pork with a bourbon barbecue sauce. Rich and full of flavor. I picked up a container of the pulled pork, as well as the barbecue sauce! That will be lunch tomorrow! Cynthia offers everything from an intimate dinner for two to large weddings and corporate events. Best of all they are accommodating to planning a menu around allergies, and also offer strictly vegan dishes!
So happy that we made the trip out this am, and got to meet some great local artisans. I truly feel that everyone should visit a farmers market, food co-op or if possible participate in a CSA [community supported agriculture] and help support the local communities surrounding us.
Hopefully the websites I’m listing here regarding the amazing people I met today will garner up some added support to keeping things local.
at a low simmer…

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