I’m as stuffed as those ‘chops’!

After having a stuffed veal chop this past weekend, I craved another! I stopped at the butcher and he had beautiful meats lining the cases…. so I thought what would be the best piece of meat to stuff other than a veal chop? They didn’t have bone-in pork chops in the case, but I asked the butcher and he gladly prepared two ‘chops’ for me cut an inch and a half thick. The special thing though was rather than a regular boring old ‘chop’, he cut it for me in the style of a porterhouse steak! With that cut, I was given the same idea as a steak, but from a swine… a sirloin and a filet!!
So to stuff my pork ‘chop’ I made a combo of spinach, rendered pancetta and shredded fontina cheese. This enticing stuffing was generously shoved into the pocket of the ‘chop’, then breaded and baked off. After thirty-five minutes, out came a succulent stuffed ‘chop’ yearning to be layered on my plate next to some light-as-air mashed yukon golds. To make my mash fluffy and light, I pass everything through a food mill [one of the best kitchen items I ever purchased years ago].
To drape over my ‘chop’, I threw together a sauce made up of mascarpone, dijon, onion and some good marsala wine. Delightful!
Time to enjoy one more glass of wine now.

at a low simmer…


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