show of support for local vendors and farmers!

This morning we awoke to much colder temps than recent. So instead of the shorts and t-shirt [my typical summer attire] that I’ve donned this past week, I pulled on my favorite tattered jeans, a pullover yoga sweatshirt, a baseball hat and off I went to visit  the last [for the winter season] indoor farmers market in a town just slightly east of me! Always full of wonderful treats, today the items that caught my eye were the fresh italian stuffed breads, cider donuts and fresh brioche loaves. I was tempted to buy some of the breathtaking mushrooms that were available, but felt the prices were a bit too pricey! Also I was intrigued by the farmer whom I typically purchase fresh eggs from on this day, he had pale blue eggs available, but I didn’t need eggs so I had to skip and move on. The same thing with the milk and cheese table… There were some wonderful vegetables scattered among wooden crates and bins, that just called out to me for a close-up. Perhaps once the weather peaks and the farmers market is back in full swing [and outdoors] the offerings will be even more spectacular. I still enjoyed walking around and seeing that local farmers markets do pull quite the draw of patrons which is a fantastic show of support for these individuals. It makes you feel good knowing you are supporting an amazing way of living and those who invest their time to bring you these offerings.

at a low simmer…


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