napoleon, not just for dessert anymore!

When you think of a napoleon what comes to mind… dessert usually right? Well tonight I made a twist on a classic dessert and turned it into a savory dinner, an eggplant napoleon!
Easy to assemble, but packed with bursts of flavor. A few layers of fried eggplant were smeared with thin amounts of a goat cheese spread and topped with roasted red peppers. The eggplant offered a crunchy and salty bite, while the goat cheese spread provided a wonderful tanginess and the red pepper a slight sweetness! Bite after bite, I wanted more and more of this beautifully assembled napoleon… even though frying eggplant can be tedious, this will definitely make a wonderful addition as an appetizer to a party menu, as well as a filling and sexy dish for two…

at a low simmer…





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4 thoughts on “napoleon, not just for dessert anymore!

  1. Therese says:

    That is so different !!!! looks amazingly delish !!!!!!!!!! and fattening 😦 lol you come up with such wonderful ideas …….. Great work Rob !! keep it up ! xoxo

  2. Heather says:

    Wow! You.continue to outdo yourself!! The.colors are vibrant 🙂

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