layers of flavors!!

So after a whirlwind weekend of get-togethers with amazing family and friends, it culminates to the best finale… Sunday night dinner! What always turns into an all day event, brings such satisfaction once in front of us on our plates.
Starting with an enormous pot of homemade tomato sauce, a creamy herbed ricotta filling, sliced fresh mozzarella and perfectly textured pasta and building ensued!
My tomato sauce is tried and true! I never venture away from a good thing. The flavors are everything you would expect from perfection. The filling had a freshness thanks to the herbs, milkiness from the creamy ricotta and tang from a secret weapon!
After layering everything in a glass baking dish, into the oven for forty-five minutes and out came a piping hot vision! I let the lasagna rest and set up a bit, and then the moment had come to slice into this bad-boy.
Layer upon layer of cheesy, creamy goodness, a tiny addition of tomato sauce underneath the plated pasta and dinner was served… Pure delight!

at a low simmer…


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