Boxed dinner….

So tonight I was craving pizza. Not my usual homemade dough with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. I opted for a boxed pie delivered piping hot with a yummy side salad. The pie arrived in a perfect round circle, as I opened the box the aroma of oven baked goodness danced under my nose and ordered me to dive right in and taste the flavors. I added a few of my own spices just to make it just right and boy-o-boy did it hit the spot. It reminded me of my younger years when a night of dancing would be followed by a great slice of pizza… this was just as good!!

at a low simmer…


One thought on “Boxed dinner….

  1. Therese says:

    oh we had a Delicious Pizza last night 2 white pies , 1 with broc rabe’ and the other with tomato and mozz …. it was coal pizza , first time i tried it from this place was so good !!!! from Ramsey …… out of this world !!!

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