hot grill… cool dinner!

Thanks to mother nature and some 70* temps today, I decided another grilling evening was necessary!
I prepped up some gorgeous rib eye steaks with just salt and a touch of olive oil. Onto a hot grill for about ten minutes [five each side] and covered to rest. The PERFECT doneness!
What best to accompany my meat?? A wilted greens salad and my fave veg… broccoli rabe!
For the salad, I tossed some radicchio into the same hot pan as some rendered bacon and raisins! The salad had a wonderful fatty and bitter essence, but sweetness from the raisin.
As for the broccoli rabe, I just prep it as usual [I don’t mess with a good thing]… Blanched, shocked and then sautéed gently with garlic, salt and crushed red… YUM!!
And what better way to wash this springtime delight down… a fresh and VERY potent margarita! Sugar rimmed, fresh lime juice, Cointreau and Avion silver tequila! How long till summer??

at a low simmer…







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2 thoughts on “hot grill… cool dinner!

  1. Therese says:

    My kinda Dinner !!!! 🙂 looks Great !!!!!!!!!!! and that drink made my mouth water !!!! 🙂

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