A taste of the far east, on the east coast…

So tonight for dinner I was in the mood for Thai, however not in the mood to venture out to a restaurant! Felt like staying comfortable in my loungewear, messy hair and slippers…
My pantry and refrigerator held all that was necessary to stir fry my way to the perfect modern take on traditional pad thai! Out of the fridge some spicy red chilies, eggs, scallions, limes, tofu and flattened chicken breast. The pantry was the key holder to the rice noodles, peanut butter, soy sauce, peanuts, sugar and of course… garlic!
First thing to prepare… the peanut sauce! Peanut butter [got a great tip on a peanut butter from a friend and had to try], soy sauce, fresh squeezed lime juice and some sugar. Everything was stirred together and left to hang out for the flavors to blend together.
Then I chopped the scallions, red chilies and garlic, while at the same time soaked the rice noodles. I panfried the tofu and chicken [that I cut into strips] with some olive oil and salt. Once they were cooked, into the same pan I sautéed my red chilies, garlic and scallions. The next step was to beat two eggs and add them to my pan and get them scrambled. Then in went my rice noodles and the fun began!! Tossing around everything with a nice healthy addition of some homemade peanut sauce to bring it all together…
A lime wedge, sriracha drizzle and chopped peanuts to finish off the dish, then to the table!
Wonder where the next culinary adventure will lead to???

at a low simmer…










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