Love me some leftovers!

So tonight I decided to poke around in my freezer and see what I had made and frozen recently. Jackpot, I remembered the meatballs I had recently made. Meatball parm heroes was the obvious choice [and an easy one at that] with a salad made up of spicy baby arugula, sliced honeycrisp apples and shaved parmigiano.
I toasted some ciabatta rolls, and gently placed the balls’, as well as some of my delectable homemade sauce on top. Into the oven everything went, while a thin slice of fresh mozzarella covering each ball’ began to melt and drape down the sides.
The arugula salad was a breeze! Arugula, thinly sliced apple and shaved parmigiano. Tossed with a fresh creamy balsamic dressing and it was to the table…
The ciabatta was crispy and delicate, but sturdy enough to support the light, flavorful balls’ and the sauce. The fresh mozzarella offered a perfect saltiness. I wish I could go back for more…

at a low simmer…


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