Pancakes… On the flip-side!

Ever have that desire for some serious breakfast eats, but for dinner instead? You know you have, we ALL have… Well tonight that what my desire! So instead of some bistro-style steak dinner or a braised pork belly, I opted to whip up some light as air buttermilk pancakes with some pan-seared chicken sausages. To drizzle over these pancakes, an adults-only bourbon maple syrup.
The cakes’ were made with your basic ingredients: flour, eggs, baking powder and soda, oil, a touch of sugar and of course buttermilk. I whisked everything together and started pouring onto my griddle! ‘Flippage’ only took place once those little cakes’ started looking like craters on the moon! Once flipped, another minute or two and onto a waiting plate they went all puffed, golden and delightful!
For the sausages, a quick sear to get everything all browned and cooked through and off the heat and onto a plate they went! Split down the center and placed alongside my little golden disks, dinner was about to be served!
To make this ‘breakfast’ dinner complete, I reduced some seriously delicious maple syrup with some bourbon until slightly thickened and warm!
A pat of butter on top of the cakes’, the warm syrup drizzled down and I blinked and the plate was empty… Did I just eat all of that? Yes, yes I did!

at a low simmer…


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