Shares, not just for the stock market anymore…

So for this upcoming summer season, it’s always a difficult decision as to what I will be planting in my garden. This year an interesting idea was brought to my attention regarding a ‘CSA’ or Community Supported Agriculture being offered locally. I thought what a fantastic concept to become a part of and the amazing [and different] bounty that I could be graced with on a weekly basis! Not to mention this is locally grown and supporting sustainable agriculture. The whole idea of the ‘CSA’ is when a farmer grows different produce for people or members who purchase ‘shares’ for that season. The cost is paid at the beginning of a season to primarily assist the farmer. Now you don’t own an actual part of the farm, but a part of what is grown. This basically cuts the idea of going to a market to pick up produce [unless of course you want a specific item not in your basket]. The produce starts being delivered in the beginning of June and runs through October. The selections are, of course, dependent on weather conditions. Also a chance is taken if there is some type of natural disaster that causes a lack of production during the growing season because there is no refund. Some of the wonderful varieties offered are arugula, tomatoes [heirloom which are my favorite], swiss chard, brussel sprouts, summer squash and a slew of others! I will be contacting the farm this morning and writing out a check as soon as requested. Looking forward to sharing pictures of what comes my way in just a few months, as well as the dishes I will prepare…

at a low simmer…

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2 thoughts on “Shares, not just for the stock market anymore…

  1. Tammy says:

    We have been CSA members for nearly 7 years and we love it. This week, I’m in cabbage overflow so desperately searching for good cabbage today.

    • Tammy thanks for the comment on my post. I am going to check out your blog this afternoon! Would love to have you follow my blog and pass along my info to your followers if you wouldn’t mind?

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