Masca who? Mascarpone…

I realized this afternoon as I was going through my refrigerator that I had a container of mascarpone pleading to be used… So I decided that I would make a ‘chicken and broccoli marsala’ dish simmered in a mustardy mascarpone sauce served over organic brown rice.
What a hit! The tang and creaminess from the mascarpone offered a wonderful balance to the chicken and broccoli. I pan-seared cut-up chicken breast that I seasoned with salt and red pepper till browned. In the same pan, I sautéed onion and garlic till softened. Then I added some marsala wine and reduced slightly, once reduced I added the mascarpone and some mustard powder and stirred until smoothed and incorporated. The chicken was then added back into the pan and cooked through and at the last minute, I tossed in broccoli that I quickly blanched to not overcook. I draped the chicken over light and nutty brown rice and dinner was served. Easy, elegant and just the right amount of spice from the mustard mascarpone sauce. I’m glad I made extra, because I’m definitely going back for more tomorrow!!

at a low simmer…












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2 thoughts on “Masca who? Mascarpone…

  1. ginny wandell says:

    dearest kitchen guru. you saved me! it’s so hard to follow valentine’s day. so much planning went in to the 14th that i was stuck for the rest of the week. Now i’ve got the perfect
    dinner for tonight (quick and delicious). thank you!!

  2. Hi Ginny! So glad that you liked what you read. Please let me know how the dinner turned out! xo

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