Sinful and sweet…


So on this day of love, I decided to whip [get it] up dinner, instead of going out and spending a special evening with strangers. My focus is not going to be on dinner, but rather dessert since it is of course a holiday known for chocolate-filled hearts and sinful chocolatey delights. I tossed around the idea of what to make and thought a flour-less cake could be nice, but thought I wanted something silky and luxurious. Then it hit me… a decadent homemade chocolate pudding! So I began the process of making pudding… But plain old pudding would be boring [at least in my opinion] so I thought what could I do to turn the volume up and make this dessert even more special? I looked through my pantry and found a box of graham crackers, as well as a bag of marshmallows… The obvious then came to mind… deconstructed s’mores!! That’s right I grabbed two jars [I use jars for many different things than just storage such as cocktails and herb planters to give some ideas] filled with a bit of the pudding, topped with some melted marshmallow and crushed graham crackers, another addition of graham cracker, marshmallow and lastly again pudding. I left just enough room to add some whole marshmallows that I torched for that true s’mores experience. Heaven in a jar!!

at a low simmer…







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