food brings the family together…

Another weekend has come and gone, well ok there are a few more hours technically. This was a wonderful weekend spent with family, last night a wonderful Italian feast and this evening take-out and catching up. The worst part of both nights you ask, that they ended too soon! It’s always so wonderful to spend time with those we love and unfortunately it’s never enough. Laughing and catching up is always a highlight and something that we wish would happen more often. Yes, our daily schedules may not always allow for consistent hangout time, but family is always forever! We are looking forward to the next adventure, whether at home or out and about, but most importantly… together…
Now onto tomorrow nights dinner, codfish oreganta! Light and flakey fish baked with a bright and flavorful breadcrumb topping. My topping is garlicky and has a beautiful and fresh citrus kick. The flavors explode in your mouth and compliment the fish beautifully!
As a side, I think glazed carrots with a spicy kick should do the trick! Maple syrup and cayenne should coat nicely and make for a wonderfully smokey and sweet supporting star.
Tomorrow’s assignment? Valentine’s Day dinner… What will it be??? Stay tuned it’s only two days away… but for now it’s time to watch ‘worst cooks in america’!

at a low simmer…

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