Italian night!

So tonight I was stag for dinner… my honey was on a business trip so I thought to myself what am I going to do about dinner?? I pulled out my trusty [and dusty] take-out menu folder and thought hmmmm… Chinese or Japanese? Then it hit me, I wanted neither! I wanted some good Italian food and where better to get it than my own kitchen! I have al-dente down to a science and I’m the culinary king [at least in my opinion] of oil and garlic sauce. So that is just what I made, fettuccine rigate tossed with oil and garlic. And to accompany this beautiful fresh dish, no not bread! A refreshing and crisp white wine! The flavors all came together and created something that I couldn’t wait to dive into, and dive into I did! This is something I am going to crave the entire night! How am I going to sleep???

at a low simmer…








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