A PM breakfast… mmmm!!

I always enjoy the idea of breakfast for dinner… tonight I changed the traditional steak and eggs up a notch, and made a great hash-brown. For the steak, I used some beautiful skirt steaks seasoned only with salt and olive oil. The hash-brown was made with creamy fingerling potatoes, a spanish onion, red peppers and parsley.
I cooked the skirt steaks on my grill [it was a beautiful night for it] for about 8 minutes. The grill marks were beautiful and should have told me that this was going to be a mighty tasty dish!
For the hash-brown, I sautéed the onion till soft, tossed in the red pepper and cooked till some char started to form on the skins. Once the peppers were soft and nicely charred, I stirred in the fingerlings that I had par-boiled till just soft and mashed. I continued to cook until the potatoes started to get slightly browned and crisp. Once cooked, I removed the potatoes from the heat and stirred in some freshly chopped parsley.
Before plating, a fresh egg was quickly fried with some salt and fresh thyme. The potatoes rested on the bottom, the sliced skirt steak rested on top and the egg gently draped off the side. The flavors were incredible and everything perfectly prepared. Already looking forward to another breakfast night!

at a low simmer…






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