Bar food, without the brawl…

So the chicken wings were marinated in a spicy marinade that included equal parts of soy sauce and brown sugar, half part water, along with honey and hot sauce. Baked in the oven until beautifully golden brown, then tossed in a large bowl with another heavy dose of hot sauce made these wings worthy of a place on the pepto scale… Even though these wings could have burned off your taste buds, my homemade blue cheese dressing offered a creamy and cooling effect.
The radicchio ‘nacho’ cups that I substituted for actual nachos was delightful, providing just a slight bitterness to compliment the filling of ground turkey, olives, black beans, onion and garlic. By not using actual nachos, the guilt factor went way down in my book and also was healthier. Yes cheese played a part, however was about a cup in total and the entire platter was not eaten in one sitting. This now will play double-duty as a wonderful lunch dish.
Early this afternoon, I made fresh guacamole to have as a side to the radicchio ‘nacho’ cups. Simple, yet delicious! Avocado, garlic, red onion, salt and pepper, as well as hot sauce for some added zip. I also add a secret little flavor for a wonderful freshness!
An ice cold hefeweizen was a smooth accompaniment to this bar-style meal!
Cleanup was quick and painless, now to plan something for tomorrow night!

at a low simmer…








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