Dining in the Meatpacking…

Tonight was an adventure into the deep, dark and seedy [at least years ago that was how it was tagged] Meatpacking District. Nowadays, this is the place to be and be seen, a place where the uber-chic flock to dine, shop and party! I, tonight was one of them, but rather than hitting up The Darby, Fig & Olive or some other overly trendy spot, dinner was at quaintly enough, The Diner! This corner spot is tucked neatly across from what used to be nightclubs and bars, as well as other unmentionables, but now is flanked by designers such as Stella McCartney and Moschino and the sexy, ultra hip Hotel Gansevoort!
Upon stepping inside we were quickly greeted by a hostess who showed us to our seats. After a quick review of the menu, a decision was made… for appetizers disco fries and fried mac & cheese balls. Dinner was a turkey ruben on rye with russian dressing. The mac&cheese balls were crunchy on the outside and oozed with melty cheese on the inside, but as if that wasn’t enough cheesy goodness, a side of melted cheese accompanied the dish. The disco fries unfortunately didn’t make me want to get up and boogie [or is it get down and boogie??] Either way not my fave…
The ruben presented itself a bit later and was delicious. Layers of turkey, sauerkraut and melty swiss cheese made this sandwich delightful, however could have used a touch more dressing in my opinion. I felt it would have lent a bit more to the party.
Sometimes dining out can be a hit or a miss… BUT the best part is always spending time with friends and catching up! Now after a good nights rest, it’s time to get started on next weeks menu!

at a low simmer…


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