What a gorgeous, not to mention warm February day this has been so far! So I have to wonder is there any better way to enjoy such a day, other than a frozen yogurt? So the journey began to make way over to a new self-serve shop that opened in a neighboring town. Upon entering, we are greeted by a lovely worker who quickly offered tasting cups to try each flavor that is offered… green tea, red velvet cake, cookie dough, mint and the list goes on! After sampling a number of different flavors, I decided on trusty chocolate yogurt which I quickly topped with some pretzels and a healthy dose of nutella. In my book, nutella should be incorporated into everything! There wasn’t an ounce of guilt [yes even with the pretzels and nutella] and the flavors were captivating! It was the perfect afternoon pick me up and I cannot wait to go back…

at a low simmer [or better yet chill]…

One thought on “Fro-yo!

  1. Therese says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm frozen yogurt !!!! that stuff is yummyful !!!!!!!!! lol

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