a diner-style sandwich… at home

Tonight I had a hankering for just a simple sandwich. I picked up a wonderful ciabatta loaf, tomatoes on the vine, peppery arugula, thinly sliced pancetta and some roasted chicken breast. I love to make plan old boring sandwiches into SANDWICHES! I’ve had similar sandwiches like the one I made tonight in the past at gourmet delis, but usually these are made with roasted peppers, shredded lettuce, fresh mozz and bacon. Tonight I used pancetta as a substitute for the bacon aspect [not to mention I LOVE the way the ripple and look like a ‘shrinky dink’, yes childhood throwback, as the cook down in a hot pan]. There is a salty and smokey element that the pancetta offers anything it’s combined with. Instead of roasted red peppers and shredded [flavorless] lettuce, I used the tomatoes and the arugula. I also chose not to add any cheese to this sandwich.
So everything was delicately layered on top of each other and the loaf gently closed, as if placing a sleeping baby into their crib. Sliced on a bias this delicious sandwich made its way to the plate and succumbed to being devoured, to only be reminded of its existence by a few flakes of crust that fell onto the white glass backdrop…

at a low simmer…





2 thoughts on “a diner-style sandwich… at home

  1. ginny wandell says:

    dearest kitchen guru. you have inspired me. i have a group of 20 coming over for a simple supper and this is one that will make the sandwich board. (not bored!)xox

    • G,
      So glad you liked and I definitely recommend this sandwich! It was crunchy from the bread being lightly toasted and had just a wonderful saltiness from the pancetta, in addition to a peppery note from the arugula. Let me know if you make how you like.

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