Banished to the corner… but only to rise!!

The decision for Sunday dinner has been made after a trip to the market… a recreation of the pizzetta appetizer from the other night at dinner, and I am going to try a new recipe for braised pork belly for Monday night. I picked up sweet sausage, as well as some cheeses and baby arugula to try and replicate the ‘pizzetta’. I am going to prepare my dough today, banish it to a corner to rise and then let it rest overnight. I just love the idea of making something so delicious with my bare hands! Steering away from just your average ‘pizza’ can be quite exciting and your ideas can be limitless! If you really think about it, there is not much that can’t be created into some kinda of ‘pizza’… just think out of the box! If you love cheeses, play around and match them with a certain meat that you would never think of and see how it turns out. A ‘pizza’ does not need to be smothered in tomato sauce and covered with shredded mozz, but rather can be experienced at a whole new level! Try making a gourmet-style homemade pizza and trust me you will want to make them from now on.

at a low simmer…

2 thoughts on “Banished to the corner… but only to rise!!

  1. ginny wandell says:

    staying tuned in. you create a picture with your words. (not that i don’t love to see the photos!) i had a lovely stroll thru the liquor store here. thought of you and what pairings we could come up with for the weekend eats. cheers! G

    • It’s great to hear from you, I’m so happy your enjoying the blog! Nothing beats a perfect bottle of wine to compliment a even more perfect meal. I can already taste tomorrows upcoming dish… That reminds me, need to pick a perfect wine to go along with it! : )

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