A restaurant week success!

Finally was able to enjoy NYC Restaurant Week tonight!! Reservations were made for ‘Gusto’ in the West Village. I started the night off with an old fashioned and took it from there… The menu was appealing, as my first course I selected the Pizzetta which was topped with grilled sausage and burrata cheese. Burrata cheese is absolutely divine and the mouth-feel, soft and milky! For the main course, I decided on the Pan-Seared Prawns. The dish was prepared fra diavlo-style on a puddle of mascarpone polenta. How could I not choose that! The polenta was buttery and creamy and left me wanting for more… Wow how was I ever going to make room for a dessert? I was going to find some way to try the Flourless Chocolate Cake. The cake was covered in a hard chocolate shell, however surprisingly light and airy topped with a meringue style cookie and served with chai gelato rested on top of chopped hazelnuts. One word… AMAZING!
All in all, I give ‘Gusto’ and big thumbs up and will definitely make a trip back. The portions were decent in size and I wasn’t left feeling hungry [needless to say, I did find some room to enjoy the dessert!!]

at a low simmer…







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