A little bit of Cuba…

One of my favorite cuisines to indulge in is Cuban. The scents are amazing and the flavors intoxicating. A favorite dish of mine is ropa vieja; a shredded flank steak stew that is slow cooked in a delightful tomato-based sauce. Occasionally, instead of ropa vieja I get a Cuban sandwich. This sandwich is layered with a roast pork, ham, pickles and swiss cheese with mustard spread lightly onto a Cuban bread. The sandwich is then pressed in a grill until the bread is toasty, the meats heated through and the cheese melty and oozing.
So tonight I decided to replicate the Cuban sandwich at home. I bought a loaf of Cuban bread, spread some mustard on each side, added swiss cheese, pickles, ham and leftover pork loin. I wrapped the sandwich in aluminum foil and pressed it in my panini maker using the grill pan attachment. After about 15 minutes, the sandwich is complete and ready to be eaten. As a side I made yuca fries, but rather than frying, I bake the yuca until golden and crispy. To accompany the fries, I make a creamy garlic cilantro dipping sauce.
The flavors all come together in amazing harmony and create a meal that reminds me of a visit to my favorite Cuban restaurant. After this meal, I think I need to make a trip back there!

at a low simmer…




2 thoughts on “A little bit of Cuba…

  1. gail says:

    yummy,,,,when i get back from vacay we should do this cuban lunch,,,ill bring the coronas! 🙂

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