another sunday funday…

Wow how the weekend just flies by… but just because there are only two days to kick back and relax doesn’t mean dinner should be slacked upon… this weekend was a perfect stay-at-home weekend and whip up something fantastic thanks to mother nature!
So for Sunday dinner, I decided to make something homey and hearty… crispy polenta cakes topped with shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce…
Yes polenta is not a quick element to make, what feels like hours of stirring eventually turns into something magical, not to mention delicious! Then there is the firming up of the polenta, however on a Sunday time is on your side… My polenta gets seasoned with minced sage and salt, and thickened with milk and some mascarpone. It creates a velvety smooth texture and sexy mouth feel with every bite…
The shrimp aspect which drapes alongside the polenta cakes consist of jumbo shrimps cooked quickly in my homemade tomato sauce that I reduce to an even thicker texture… hits of crushed red pepper make the sauce spicy, but not unmanageable to eat… the heat from the red pepper flakes offers just the right amount of kick to compliment the sweetness achieved by reducing the tomato sauce further…
The dish is topped off with just a touch of pecorino romano and some fresh basil…

at a low simmer…




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