this little piggy…

The pork loin roast won out for title of ‘dinner’… it was a long and difficult decision, but in the end the little piggy went ‘wee wee wee wee’ right into my 350 degree range… roughly an hour later what emerged, but a succulent roast with flavors expected from dining in a wait-listed restaurant in Manhattan!
As a side… roasted fingerling potatoes tossed with olive oil, garlic, fresh thyme, salt and crushed red pepper… the scents flowing throughout my kitchen, as well as the whole house were just intoxicating. I couldn’t plate everything quick enough!

at a low simmer…









3 thoughts on “this little piggy…

  1. Emily says:

    Looks beautiful, bet it tasted even better than it looks! Delizioso !

  2. Stephanie Petritsis says:

    Robert I made a Pork Roast a couple of weeks ago. But yours by far sounds more
    delicious. I will deff. have to give this a Try! I also loved the Crostada! Ooh, and
    thos brussels sprouts so good. Keep it up. This gives me good ideas on What to
    cook for Dinner. : ) Steph.

    • Thanks Steph! So happy you are enjoying the blog. I’m always trying to think of new and exciting ways to make dinner exciting. Cookbooks and other recipes offer such great inspiration and I love changing them up a bit and putting my own little stamp on it…

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