rock lob… errr shrimp

On a trip to a one of the little specialty food markets I frequent, I came across one of my favorite shellfish peeking out through the glass… Rock Shrimp!
These little mini lobster-looking delights, taste just like… lobster… They come peeled and deveined [still mill through and check for a possible shell] and are very tiny so a pound of rock shrimp could feed two people or one very hungry person… think smaller than the size of a truffle [chocolate one]… I have battered them and deep fried before and tossed with an aioli, but this time I’m just making a simple peasant-style dish… Pasta with garlic and oil, and of course my tender little stars… this is a perfect go-to for a quick and delicious meal…
I start off by cooking some pasta in boiling, salted water… while pasta is cooking I sauté the garlic with a little crushed red pepper in a decent coating of olive oil… I add a pat of butter to the oil to thicken and for a slightly richer flavor… I hit the sauce with a dash of white wine and cook just to burn off… then right before the pasta is ‘al dente’ the rock shrimps go into the pan [they are an incredibly quick cook]… pasta is pulled out of the water and added directly into the pan and stirred vigorously with a healthy handful of grated pecorino to incorporate all of the flavors… topped of with some fresh chopped parsley…

at a low simmer…








2 thoughts on “rock lob… errr shrimp

  1. Therese says:

    L@@ks Amazing Rob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all you’re dishes make my mouth water lol 🙂 Excellent , and I really Enjoy this site , thanks for sharing with ❤

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