a flaky, savory pie for dinner…

Tonight I decided to use the gorgeous Swiss chard I bought this weekend… I looked up a recipe for a crostata and found what sounded perfect. I prepped the dough [extremely easy to prepare] and tossed it into the refrigerator to rest… While the dough was resting, I cut some bacon into lardons and added them to a cold pan with a touch of olive oil to render and crisp up… then chopped some garlic and cooked it in the pan with some crushed red pepper. After about a minute, I added my Swiss chard [cut into smaller pieces] and cooked till tender and wilted… tasted for seasoning and added a bit of salt…
In a separate bowl, I mixed fresh ricotta cheese, pecorino romano, one egg and the Swiss chard…
I rolled out the chilled dough and added the mixture into the center and pressed it out gently… I wrapped the edges of the dough on top of the mixture, while keeping an open area to see the center… brushed on an egg wash and placed it into the oven for 35-45 minutes until golden and cooked through… Absolutely delectable…

at a low simmer…














2 thoughts on “a flaky, savory pie for dinner…

  1. I think you should take a full time job cooking for me. That pie looks insane. INSANE I tell you!

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