not your mamas’ brussel sprouts…

Tonight for dinner, I made a pan-seared chicken breast, along with brussel sprouts… The chicken breast was easily seasoned with salt, crushed red pepper, thyme and olive oil… I flatten out my chicken so that the cooking time is lessened [great when you are feeding a larger family]… Roughly 8-10 minutes [depending on thickness] in a smoking hot pan and the chicken is browned and delicious!!!
The brussel sprouts are the star of this dish and I think get a pretty bad rap… Growing up, children have this terrible idea of brussel sprouts, along with other vegetables [ie. lima beans]. These vegetables are very healthy to eat, and taste amazing!!
I start prepping the brussel sprouts, by peeling the exterior leaves and trimming the ends… I quickly blanch them in salted boiling water and then shock them [you DO NOT want to over cook these little guys]. I render some pancetta and cook a red onion or even a shallot in the same pancetta grease… I toss the brussel sprouts into the hot pan and marry everything together for a few minutes… The taste is slightly salty from the pancetta and almost cabbage-like from the brussel sprouts. If you have never had brussel sprouts I highly recommend trying them and guarantee they will become a hit in your household!

at a low simmer…







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