a winter farmers market… who knew!

Today is a very cold day around here, but I didn’t let that stop me from venturing out to visit an indoor farmers market held at a school in a local town… there was a decent turnout considering it was only about 15 degrees… I wandered around the aisles to see what products were available and peaking my interest… there was a vendor offering goat cheeses [mixed with different things], a meat purveyor with local meats grown on his farm, a couple of vegetable tables with everything from King Oyster and Enoki mushrooms, to gorgeous turnips and yellow carrots, as well as a local farmer who sells farm fresh eggs [I actually make trips to his farm to purchase these eggs, but was excited to see he was working at the market]… but one vendor peaked my interest by offering different cheese [made locally] and milk products from one of my favorite milk companies, Ronnybrook Farm Dairy… Ronnybrook products are so rich and full of flavor! She carries their Creamline milks, coffee and chocolate milks, drinkable yogurts, as well as butters and creme fraiche… what a delight to find her! I am well stocked on milks at the moment so instead I decided to try out the Gruyère cheese she displayed and bought two decent chunks to nibble on… the excitement is there to make a trip back, and can only assume that once warmer weather is upon us again this farmers market will become a weekly Sunday visit! It is also a very special feeling to know you are supporting local artisans who strive to offer quality products and have a passion for what they believe in…

at a low simmer…


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