produce, cheeses and breads… oh my!

Back from a day of produce picking, fromage foraging and brioche buying… started the excursion at Whole Foods where I, amongst what appeared to be all others in this world, began pillaging through the aisles for delicious eats… The produce section is always one to gawk over… radicchio trevisano, Meyer lemons [YUM!] and a host of other delights made my browsing that much more difficult!! In the end, some beautiful rainbow Swiss chard made its way sneakily into the cart… Perhaps a Crostata for dinner one night this upcoming week? From produce straight over to select some stinky cheeses that dance across your taste buds… A beautiful veiny Gorgonzola, a ripe Taleggio [time got the better of me last night and I was unable to make my original cheese run], a creamy Fontina and a salty Parmigiano… All of these beauties are stars in their own special ways! After cheese selections concluded, the cart meandered over towards the breads… unfortunately nothing struck my fancy so a decision was made to cruise on over to Balthazar Bakery for some fresh baked wonders… A Fig and Hazelnut loaf, almond and whole wheat croissants, brioche rolls as well as a decadently sinful Meyer lemon souffle were gently packed into my bag and homeward bound we went…

Stay tuned for some photos!!

at a low simmer…

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