Fromage… you gotta love it!

Heading to NYC tonight, my home away from home, for an exciting evening of good food and friends… Plans are in the works for making a few trips to some shops in the Village that I truly adore… Will first stop and get a silky and slightly spicy hot chocolate, and then proceed to meander through the streets browsing. The main stop during my wandering will take me to a bustling shop on Bleecker St. for some delicious, although pungent Taleggio cheese which will be an excellent topping to homemade pizza that is currently planned as Sunday’s meal… I’m quite certain that Taleggio will not be the only ‘fromage’ added into my basket, or at some point my belly! One of my favorite casual meals to prepare is homemade pizza. From preparing the dough to selecting what toppings can elevate the average pizza, into mmmm PIZZA!! At the moment, I am uncertain what exactly this pizza will include [other than some Taleggio], however my taste-buds are already screaming with excitment… Pizza for me does not need to be fussy, but rather just simple and delicious with gooey flavors melded together, providing wonderful textures and an anticipation for the next bite!

Would love to hear some about some favorite pizzas that everyone enjoys out there. You can comment here, post to Facebook or even onto my Twitter feed…

at a low simmer…


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One thought on “Fromage… you gotta love it!

  1. Therese says:

    Oh Have Fun !!!!!!! Pizza is soooo Yummy !!!!!!!!!! and it’s the best when made @ Home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy 🙂

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